Airport gas leak leaves four injured, one critically

By Linsey McNeill
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An airport worker went into cardiac arrest following a gas leak in a utility room.

The 36-year old man was given CPR by police officers at the scene, before paramedics arrived to provide life support.

The contractor was transferred to hospital, where his condition has been described as critical.

Three of his colleagues – two men and a woman – were treated at the scene for minor complaints.

The four contractors were in a utility room about 200 feet from the baggage area at Terminal 8 at Los Angeles International Airport when a fire suppression system ‘popped’ and started leaking carbon monoxide.

Three of the workers managed to get out, but one went into cardiac arrest due to the carbon monoxide in their blood stream.

No passengers were directly affected but about 100 people were moved to a neighbouring terminal. Terminal 8 is used by United Airlines.

United Airlines flights to Los Angeles Airport were grounded for about an hour from 9am yesterday while firefighters used blowers to clear the gas from the building.

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