Airlines cancel or re-route flights to avoid Chinese ‘danger zones’

By Linsey McNeill
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Airlines have been forced to cancel or re-route a number of flights as China continues with its biggest-ever military exercise

Beijing has warned pilots to avoid six danger zones where its army is conducting drills around Taiwan.

China’s military action, which is due to last until 7 August, will affect flights between southeast and northeast Asia, forcing them to take longer and more expensive routes, according to Opsgroup, an organisation for aviation personnel.

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways said it has re-routed aircraft to avoid the airspace around Taiwan, potentially making flights longer. Opsgroup said pilots have reportedly been told to carry an extra 30-minutes of fuel.

Japanese carriers ANA and Japan Airlines have altered their routes on flights in southeast Asia, including to Hong Kong and Taipei, to avoid the affected airspace.

Several airlines have cancelled flights to Taiwan, including Korean Air, which has cancelled all flights to Taiwan today and tomorrow, and Asiana.

Singapore Airlines and its low-cost subsidiary Scoot have also cancelled all flights between Singapore and Taipei today.

Among the airline still flying to Taiwan are Philippine Airlines and Taiwanese carriers China Airlines and EVA Air.

China launched military exercises in the area after US politician Nancy Pelosi defied its warnings not to visit Taiwan earlier this week. The Chinese Communist Party considers the island should be ‘reunified’ with China.

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