Airline offers 100,000 free seats to Ukrainian refugees

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By Lisa James
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Wizz Air is offering 100,000 free seats to continental Europe to Ukrainian refugees leaving border countries throughout this month.

The airline also said it has added larger aircraft and extra flights from border countries Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

In addition, Wizz Air says it recognises that many refugees have already started moving and may be stranded in other locations and is launching rescue fares of €29.99 on other flights and €69.99 to the UAE, Iceland and the Canaries.

Ukrainian refugees wishing to book a flight can do so by visiting: .

The 100,000 free seats and the rescue fares will be available for travel throughout March. Passengers will be required to provide their Ukrainian passport/ID card number at time of booking and show their Ukrainian passport/ID card at time of check-in.

In a statement, Wizz Air said: “Customers are still encouraged to check our website, as lower fares may be available.  However, we want to ensure that all Ukrainian refugees have access to affordable travel no matter where they are located during this time of crisis.”

CEO Jozsef Varadi added: “Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people during this crisis. We are committed to helping as many Ukrainian refugees as possible to get to a safe place, which is why we will be offering them 100,000 free seats from the border countries and special rescue fares on all other flights.

“We have already seen great humanitarian efforts on the ground by our people across the network, and as a company we wanted to play our part in these efforts. We would be happy to provide a safe and welcoming journey for these refugees.”

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