Air Passenger Travel Guide launched ahead of half-term getaway

Airport Passenger Travel Guide launched
By Lisa James
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The Government has produced an Air Passenger Travel Guide to make it easier for passengers to know their rights and responsibilities when they travel.

The guide is a refreshed version of the Aviation Charter, which informs passengers what they can expect from airlines, travel agents, tour operators and airports, and what to do if things don’t go to plan.

It includes advice on flight cancellations or delays, lost baggage, rights for disabled passengers and how to complain if passengers feel they have been treated unfairly, as well as general information such as going through airport customs, security checks and taking connecting flights.

The Department for Transport said: “Ahead of the busy half term, it is vital that passengers know their rights and industry use their platforms to promote them, ensuring operators and passengers know exactly what’s expected of them.”

Aviation Minister Baroness Vere has written to airlines and operators to ask them to promote the guide on their websites, so users can find the information easily.

She said: “Having a one-stop shop of information and advice, which is clear and concise, will help improve the overall travel experience and make sure passengers are getting what they deserve.”

Click here to read the guide.

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