Agents take to the airwaves to spread the good news

By Linsey McNeill
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Travel agents cross the country took to the airwaves at the weekend to get positive messages cross to customers following the lifting of travel restrictions on Friday.

Campaign group TARGET recorded at least 14 Radio stations where agents had spoken.

TARGET co-founder Jill Waite said: “It is great to see so many travel Agents being interviewed by their local radio stations and all getting the same message across that it is now more important than ever to book with a travel agent.”

Travel Agents who were interviewed on air include:

Nick Coulthard (GazelleTravel Durham)-Metro Radio

David Carruthers (Conexo Travel York) – Radio York

Nicky Lynn (Althams Travel)-BBC Radio Leeds

Graeme Brett (Westoe Travel South Shields) -Smooth/LBC/Heart/Classic FM/Galaxy

Ken Garrity Kenneth Garrity Travel, Manchester) – Radio Alty

Andy Hollins (TF Travel Leek)- Signal Radio

Richard Slater (Henbury Travel)-Radio Merseyside

Wendy Haines (Wendy Haines Travel Burton)- BBC Radio York

Paul Moss- (Holiday Lounge Hinckley)- BBC Radio Leicester

Claire Moore (Peakes Travel)- Radio Shropshire

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