Agents pay tribute to ‘everyone’s travel mum’ (with a can of Irn Bru) at Hays conference

By Linsey McNeill
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Personal Travel Consultants attending Hays Travel’s Homeworking Annual Conference paid tribute to a favourite colleague Carol Miller, who passed away in January.

Carol, aged 63, was a well-known figure in the travel industry and was described by colleague and friend Lisa Barber as ‘everyone’s travel mum’.

She was a regular attendee at the Hays Homeworking Conference, so Lisa and her colleagues brought along her photo and a can of her favourite Irn Bru to remember her at this year’s event.

“We knew this conference was going to be emotional without Carol because she would always have been here, so we wanted to bring her with us,” said Lisa. “Her favourite drink was vodka and with Irn Bru, which she used to bring with her to conferences because you can’t always buy it, so we brought some along this time to toast her.”

All delegates at the Hays Conference also raised a glass to Carol at the opening of the conference at the Epic Sana hotel in the Algarve.

“Even though we knew she had been poorly for a long time, it was still a shock when we lost her,” said Lisa. “She was on the Palladium fam trip to Ibiza in August, but she stopped her cancer treatment in September.”

Lisa and other PTC colleagues said Carol was a great support to them and younger agents. “Anybody could pick up the phone to her,” added Lisa. “At her funeral, there were young people who she had supported.”

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