Agents’ most popular Pacific Asia destinations revealed

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By Linsey McNeill
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Thailand has risen to become the most requested destination in the Pacific Asia region, closely followed by Australia.

Latest research among travel agents revealed that Thailand was among the five most requested Pacific Asia destinations for 61%.

Australia was the second most requested country, with 57% of agents placing it in their top five, while other popular destinations included Singapore and Vietnam, both placed in the top five by a third of agents. Sri Lanka came next (29%),  followed by the Maldives (24%).

Just nine months ago, Thailand was only in sixth position. It was outperformed by the Maldives, Australia, the Indian Ocean, India and even Brunei. At the time, Thailand was only in the top five for fewer than 16% of travel agents.

The Pacific Region is one of the best-selling regions for 43% of agents quizzed by PATA, ahead of Africa, the Middle East and the US, but behind Europe, which was one of the best-selling regions for almost 62% of agents.

Almost a fifth of clients are looking to travel this summer, with 48% booking for the coming winter and a fifth booking ahead for next summer.

The higher cost of travel is one of the main factors impacting bookings for almost 67% of customers, said agents.

“Luckily one of Pacific Asia’s strongest selling points remains it’s value for money, certainly for hotels, experiences and eating out etc., and this is more evident than ever amidst rising costs not just at home but across other long haul destinations,” said PATA member Alison Murphy of Elegant Resorts.

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