Agents given access to ‘cost-effective’ alternative to Turkey

By Linsey McNeill
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Technology platform Travelgenix and representation and consultancy firm Jupita have teamed up to give UK agents access to the little-known resort of Albena in Bulgaria.

The resort, which has 30 three to five-star hotels on a 3.5km-long sandy beach, is being promoted as the ‘undisco’vered coast offering an attractive alternative to usual beach destinations’.

Agents can book 13 the hotels through Travelgenix’s API and agent portal.

Situated on the Black Sea in north-east Bulgaria, Albena is adjacent to Baltata Nature Reserve. It also offers 40 different sports, ranging from water sports to golf and chess.

Travelgenix CEO Andy Speight said: “This is an exciting destination to open up to the UK travel industry, and we are thrilled to have been such an integral part of this.

“The agent portal is fantastic, and agents will be really surprised at the affordable rates offered.

“Albena presents a phenomenal alternative to other cost-effective beach holidays such as Turkey.”

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