Agent to join clients on holiday – all 105 of them

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Leicester travel agent Illesh Amlani has booked 105 customers on a holiday to Tunisia and the clients are so happy with his service they’ve invited him to come along too.

Travel Gossip reported in 2022 that Not Just Travel agent Illesh turned a group booking of 38 that had been cancelled during lockdown into a bigger sale of 102 passengers to an all-inclusive in Izmir.

Since then, several members of the group, who were previously unknown to him, have gone on to book smaller trips, as well as one big group booking for 86 to Majorca last summer.

This year, 105 people will stay at the Iberostar Selection Royal El Mansour for seven nights, booked through easyJet holidays, and Illesh will fly out for three days.

He said: “I will be flying out for three nights to meet my clients and get to know them, and to personally thank them for their repeated business. I briefly met them once before, at Stansted Airport when I went to see them off on their flight to Turkey.

“The group is a community of family and friends. Most are from the south of England. The holiday seems to be growing in numbers, which shows the fun they have been having previously. This year’s booking is in excess of £85,000, which is amazing.

“They have been asking me to join them since the first booking back in 2022. This year I’ve managed to get some time to go along.

“Previously, when they have been away they’ve sent pictures and videos on the WhatsApp group that’s been running since 2019. Last year I got over 100 photos and 30 videos. It’s hard to keep up with, but they are such a fun group so I am really looking forward to being with them for a few days.”

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