Agent still searching for answers over partner’s deportation from Turkey, as politicians step in

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By Lisa James
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Travel agent Gemma Milne is still battling to find out why her partner was detained, beaten and then deported from Turkey nearly four weeks ago.

Jamie Royle, 36, flew from Manchester Airport on 9 June with Turkish Airlines to see Manchester City play in the Champions League final in Istanbul.

As reported in Travel Gossip, Jamie was detained on arrival, beaten, then deported in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity – however, no official explanation was given.

Since then, the couple have been trying to get to the bottom of why he was not allowed in the country, but have not yet had an answer.

Turkish Airlines said it was unable to help and pointed the couple to the British Consulate in Istanbul.

But, in an email from the British Consulate last week, Gemma and Jamie were told: “Unfortunately, we do not have access to the Turkish System therefore I am unable to state whether you have received a travel ban or not.”

The email added: “This information can only be seen through the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in London.”

The couple has already sent details to the Turkish Embassy but has not yet received a reply.

The British Consulate also suggested Jamie hires a lawyer in Turkey ‘to see if they can find out from there’.

Meanwhile, Gemma has contacted Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and his office has confirmed they are looking into the case.  

Gemma and Jamie have also contacted their local MP, Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner.

A senior caseworker for Angela Rayner said her office was ‘shocked to read of the treatment dealt to Mr Royle’.

The email added: “We have now been in contact with the British Embassy in Turkey to bring this case to their attention, asking for whatever help and information they can provide to explain why Jamie was treated in such a brutal way.”

Gemma said: “It’s been nearly four weeks and we’re still none the wiser. We’ve spent hundreds of pounds on phone calls to Turkey. It’s disgusting that we’ve still not had any answers.”

Travel Gossip has again contacted the Turkish Embassy for a comment.

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