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By Kelly Ranson
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An agent has teamed up with a well-known author to create a kids’ character to help educate youngsters about travel, and is looking for trade partners to get involved.

Linda Hill Miller, owner of LAH Travel in Ayrshire, has created Kaleido’s Travels with the help of Shirley Husband, the author behind The McCoo Family series.

Alongside a soon-to-launch website and YouTube channel, the character is being brought to life as a 2ft puppet thanks to Sally Preseig who has worked on puppets for CBeebies shows including Button Moon, Peggy Patch and The Tweenies.

Linda, who has worked in travel for more than 30 years, and Shirley are now hoping to work with travel companies on their venture.

Plans are already in place to film Kaleido at Glasgow Airport later this year and Linda said she is in talks with various companies, including Classic Collection to collaborate, with joint filming and branding opportunities. Linda added Kaleido’s Travels will be a separate business to LAH Travel as she would also like to work alongside other travel agencies.

She came up with the initial concept for Kaleido after her niece had worries about travel.

She said: “There is definitely some travel anxiety among children, and I want to help that. I have a nine-year-old niece, and when she was booked on her first cruise, she had all sorts of anxious thoughts about her ship sinking. It made me realise that children have many fears and questions about travel.

“Kaleido brings new energy and will teach the next generation how precious and wonderful our world is. His potential is huge – I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months and exciting potential collaborations.”

Shirley added: “It’s amazing to work on this project with Linda, who has worked in the travel industry for 30 years and has built a fantastic reputation amongst her colleagues and associates. We’re both extremely passionate about travel and our ability to inspire children to forget their worries, learn about the wider world and be inspired by what’s possible.”

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