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By Lisa James
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Jetset Group Travel Consultant Reza Shojakhani has been branded a ‘star’ for saving a £23,000 group booking for a school trip.

Not Just Travel agent Annika Nickson booked 20 seats, for 16 children and four adults, to the Middle East back in February, for a school trip in October.

Two months later, although seats were still available on the flight, the airline would only allocate 18 out of the 20 in the group booking and Reza set about to request two more seats to be added.

In the end, after 15 unsuccessful attempts over several months, he decided to book two separate seats on a different PNR at a higher cost – which Jetset covered.

Annika only found out when Reza contacted her this week.

Annika posted on Travel Gossip’s Facebook page to say: “Big shout out to the amazing Reza from Jetset’s group department.

“The airline had overbooked and insisted we could only have 18 of the 20 tickets we’d sorted back in February.

“He tried over 15 times to request again and again and then when there was no choice but to buy two new tickets at an increased price, they covered it rather than me or the client having to.

“Best of all he didn’t worry me with the stress of these issues until he had a solution.

“He’s a real star. I really recommend Jetset for group bookings. Reza really cares about doing the best job possible and taking care of agents and clients.”

Reza told Travel Gossip: “I didn’t mention any of this to Annika at the time, as I didn’t want her or the customers to panic.

“I used to run my own travel agency in Iran, and I always try to put myself in the customer or the agent’s shoes.”

Jetset Sales Director Adrian Smyth said: “Reza and his colleague, Emily Smith, are experts in handling group bookings.

“Our reputation is so important to us and we always want to support the trade.”

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