Agent looks for love on TV dating show – but what does her well-known dad make of it?

By Lisa James
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Travel agent Ella Broccoli took part in Channel 4’s First Dates programme and phoned her well-known dad, Daniele, half-way through the date to ask his advice.

Ella, whose dad owns Peterborough agency Britaly Travel and trade-only operator Typically Italian, appeared last night on the show, which matches people looking for love over a meal in a fancy restaurant.

Before meeting her date, Ella said she was desperate to get married so she could change her surname, adding her paternal grandparents were ‘very Italian’ and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t found ‘the one’ yet.

Bubbly Ella, 24, was matched with Rory, 23 on the date and things seemed to be going well.

During the meal, Ella nipped to the toilet and rang her dad to update him on the date and to ask advice, putting him on loudspeaker.

Daniele Broccoli

“I was in the office, on the phone to an agent, when she rang me from the date,” Daniele said. “ I didn’t realise everyone could hear me speaking. My advice to her was that, if he was nice, and if she liked him, then she should see him again.  

“I never knew, until she said on the programme, that she didn’t like her surname. To be honest, I think the surname is an advantage.  People never forget it.”

What did Dad think when his daughter told him she was going on the show?

“She’s the middle child – say no more! She’s bubbly and chatty. When she was on the road, repping for me, everyone loved her.

“She’s never asked me about boys before. She tells me lots of things during the day and when she said ‘I’m going to go on this show,’ I didn’t really pay much attention.

Ella and Rory on their date

“I did tell her to take a Typically Italian brochure and put it on the table in the restaurant, but she ignored my advice.”

Ella has been on furlough at the family company, and has since found a different job, but Daniele hopes she will be able to return when things pick up.

“I want her to take over the family business one day,” he said.

And what about the blind date? Will Ella get to change her surname soon?

“He was a nice lad and he seemed keen, but I think she thought he was too young. But they do stay in touch,” Daniele said.

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