Agency offers salary deduction scheme to pay for holidays

By Steve Jones
21/07/2021 9:29 am
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Cheshire-based agency and operator Inspire is allowing customers to pay for their holiday via monthly instalments deducted from their wages.

The Salary Sacrifice scheme is being offered to companies who then invite their employees to take advantage of the flexible payment arrangements.

Inspire said firms who are taking up the offer have reported strong take-up among staff.

“Having gained so much experience and insight from operating our own highly successful travel gift card for more than a decade, the salary sacrifice scheme is a natural strategic development for us,” Group Chief Executive Peter Pantelides said. “The new scheme not only plays to our strengths but fills a gap in the current market.

Deducting monthly instalments from wages avoids people using potentially expensive terms, he added.

“The annual holiday is one of the largest household expenses of the year….it’s an attractive way to fund that well-earned time away.”

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