Adventurous cat found in roof at Exeter Airport five weeks after going missing

Alex Stephenson and owner Rich Fleming with Ted the cat. Photo Credit: Exeter Airport
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A jet-setting cat has been reunited with its owners after staff at Exeter Airport’s VIP jet centre found him in the roof.

Two-year old Ted disappeared from his home four miles away on August 18, and it was only when staff heard meowing above the kitchen area of the airport’s XLR corporate jet centre, that he was discovered.

The centre’s Executive Coordinator Alex Stephenson and his colleagues Chris Beer, Luke Wells and Alan Freeman managed to coax the black and white feline out of the roof.

His worried family believe Ted had originally climbed under the bonnet of a neighbour’s car to escape the rain, the car had driven off and the fearless feline was later seen jumping out at the roundabout near the airport.

There had been sightings of him near the airport, but owners Charlotte and Rich Fleming had almost given up hope.

Alex said he and the team were happy to help out the unexpected VIP guest.

He said: “We’re just pleased that the tale (or tail) had a happy ending. He’s been through quite an ordeal. I don’t know how he got up there because it’s quite high. He somehow managed to climb up onto the roof and then probably went to shelter in the roof cavity when the weather turned and we had all that heavy rain.”

Owner Charlotte said: “It was amazing when I got the call to say Ted had been found. I genuinely thought that was it – we’d lost him. We are ever so grateful to all of the lovely people who helped to rescue him.

“We took Ted to the vets to check him over and they said he was lucky to have been found when he was. He was so skinny and was on his last reserves.”

Ted is now safely home with his family and his been ‘grounded’ for the time being.

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