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By Harry Kemble
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The Advantage Travel Partnership is offering members website packages to boost their online presence and help them reach new customers.

The consortium has agreed a deal with technology platform Travelgenix and marketing automation company Travel Marketing Systems, which will allow it to provide members ‘with a cost-effective scalable modern website solution’.

Advantage members can access digital tools from both companies, which the consortium describes as ‘two leaders in the travel technology industry’.

The deal means members will be able to have a customised website with ongoing support.

The website can either be bookable or non-bookable and agents can market across multiple channels via their new site. 

Live booking Advance Passenger Information Systems allow members to ‘generate income 24/7 across a range of holiday products’, Advantage said.

The bookable options include Advantage Holidays & Cruise products and payment integration systems with nine providers, including Barclays Merchant Services.

Members can upload marketing materials to their websites, as well as print A4 and A5 offer posters to display in shop windows through the site.

Advantage Chief Operating Officer Paul Nunn said: “In an increasingly digital world, we recognise that we must deliver technology solutions which futureproof our members’ online presence.

“We know from our own data that more and more people are using travel agents now, including younger travellers, who tend to search and book online, and this new offering will enable our members to provide an omnichannel proposition to meet all their customers’ needs.”

Head of Marketing David Forder added: “Having a website should be a minimum requirement for any retail business.

“It helps enhance a brand’s reputation and provides credibility, and of course can also greatly improve the profitability of a travel business.”

Meanwhile, Advantage is installing digital window screens at 50 Advantage members’ shops following a successful trial.

The first wave of this initiative will see 30 Advantage members receive the screens before a further 20 at later date over the coming months.

“This new technology enables members to boost bookings by showcasing unmissable holiday content with the latest offers and availability in their store windows,” Advantage said.

The screens provide members with real-time data on how many people have stopped to watch the screen and what content they have watched for the longest periods.

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