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By Linsey McNeill
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Advantage has launched its turn of year campaign, which will run till the end of February.

The ‘Value Packed’ campaign puts a focus on the value and service provided by independent agents, such as recommendations on the best time to travel, which companies to travel with, resorts and even best room types.

It also highlights discounted prices, free room, board and flight upgrades and free child places.

“Advantage will help their members source these offers from their supplier partners, ensuring there is a good spread of holiday types covered to meet the demands of different customer types, from everyday travel to bucket list trips,” it said.

The campaign uses the slogan ‘Value Packed Guarantee’ to make customers aware that its members offer financial security as well as ‘exceptional’ customer service and ‘additional benefits’.

“With the rise in interest rates beginning to show signs of slowing down Advantage is predicting that bookings will remain strong, but consumers may be more cost conscious than they were in 2023,” it said.

“Advantage’s campaign will therefore focus on highlighting that booking with a travel agent adds value to both the everyday consumer and those looking to spend more on a bucket list holiday.”

For the first time, Advantage is running a re-targeting campaign for members, emailing ‘lapsed’ customers who haven’t booked for some time, with the intention of enticing them to book again with the agent. 

They will also be using their new omni-channel content distribution channel that forms part of their customer website solution for members, to make it easier to share offer and aspirational content across their members’ websites, social media pages and email.

A targeted social media campaign has also been launched with the hashtag #ThatJustBookedFeeling, intended to create FOMO to generate more bookings.

Head of Marketing David Forder said: “We are leaving no stone unturned, providing a wide range of activity for members to use to make their lives easier during the busy peaks period. We will be using customer data to target activity and increase response rates and putting a focus on digital content creation and social media, as we know this channel in particular works well for many of our members. 

“We are really proud of the campaign and thankful for the huge amount of support from our supplier partners who are taking part in the activity. 

“We will be going the extra mile to communicate everything that is available for our members to use through all of our communication channels and making it simple for them to access all the tools and content available through a dedicated turn or year member’s intranet hub.”

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