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The lobbying efforts of Advantage and AITO have been strengthened with the addition of ABTOT.

ABTOT, an approved body appointed by the UK Government Department for Business and Trade, operates and regulates a financial protection bonding scheme.

Advantage and AITO formed a partnership in October 2022 to raise the profile of the independent and specialist UK outbound travel industry with the UK Government and policymakers.

With the possibility of an election within the next year, the group is pushing to be recognised by Government departments.

“We are delighted to welcome ABTOT and its 300-strong membership to our lobbying group,” said Advantage CEO Julia Lo But-Said.

“Having another significant and highly respected brand and organisation working alongside us will support our lobbying efforts considerably and will help us further in terms of amplifying the profile of the UK outbound travel industry. 

“Many more of our collective members will now have the opportunity to meet with their local MPs, spreading the word still further about the relevance of the UK outbound travel industry in terms of its huge delivery to the UK economy.

“Advantage and AITO have gained good ground over the last year, and now with ABTOT on board, I am confident that we can achieve even more with our political engagement, as well as continuing to bring other organisations on board.”

ABTOT Membership Director Samantha Bradbury added: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Advantage and AITO. Through our collaboration we aim to shed light on the real issues that ABTOT members grapple with daily by standing together, amplifying our shared concerns, and working towards practical solutions on the political landscape.”

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