ABTA unveils eight-step checklist for summer holidaymakers

By Lisa James
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ABTA has issued a Travel Checklist for Brits to follow in preparation for their summer holiday.

Director of Communications Graeme Buck said: “Following the eight simple steps should make sure that preparing for your holiday this summer is as stress-free as possible.”

ABTA’s Travel Checklist:

1 Read the FCDO travel advice for the destination.

2 Check passport validity and allow time to renew if needed. For travel to any country in the EU (except Ireland), the passport must have been issued less than 10 years before the date of entry and valid for at least three months after the planned day of leaving. 

3 Take out comprehensive travel insurance, including for any planned activities and existing medical conditions.

4 Have a valid GHIC, which covers all 27 EU countries, plus Switzerland, Montenegro, the Channel Islands and Australia, or get one from NHS.uk.

5 Check EU rules, such as restrictions on items that can be taken into the EU, documentation required when driving or taking your pet abroad, and potential mobile phone charges.

6 Stick to the current rules for liquids and laptops at airport security.

7 Get travel money sorted, including cash for bus and taxi fares, or tips.

8 Take steps to keep safe, such as following the rules at the pool, looking out for warning flags and signs at the beach and closely supervising children in the water.

See the full advice here.

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