ABTA to unveil Destinations to Watch ahead of Sunshine Saturday

ABTA Sunshine Saturday peaks Destinations to Watch
By Lisa James
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ABTA is bringing back its Destinations to Watch report this week, as part of new tools to help agents during the peak booking period.

Destinations to Watch will be unveiled on Friday 5 January and it will be the first time ABTA has released the report since before the pandemic.

ABTA is also bringing out other marketing and communications to support members during the peak booking period, and ahead of ‘Sunshine Saturday’ – predicted to be the busiest day for bookings – this coming weekend. 

Director of Communications Graeme Buck said:  “We produce Destinations to Watch not just to put different places in the spotlight and showcase the great things they have on offer, but to also encourage holiday inspiration and discussion about where to go this year. It’s been around for some years but, for obvious reasons, it was difficult to produce during the pandemic; now it’s back and we’re confident it will be as hotly anticipated as it always was.

“The report will be released ahead of Sunshine Saturday, when we will also be emphasising the benefits of booking with an ABTA member and the important role played by travel agents.” 

ABTA’s Travel with Confidence message is currently running on radio adverts, while ABTA will be featured in the Best Friend Therapy podcast from 8 January.

The two podcast hosts will endorse booking with an ABTA member, with one explaining that travel agents have helped give her the confidence and reassurance to travel post-pandemic.

There will also be a social media campaign including videos featuring customers of ABTA members, explaining why they look for the ABTA logo when booking a holiday.

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