A third of Brits were unaware of red list with 40% oblivious to travel corridors, survey reveals

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By Steve Jones
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Almost a third of Brits knew almost nothing or hadn’t even heard of red list countries during the second wave of Covid last March, a survey has revealed.

It also showed that close to half were barely aware of the hotel quarantine scheme or pre-departure testing while 40% were generally oblivious to international travel corridors.

The figures emerged from a representative survey of 2,234 adults carried by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the Government at a time when travel was at a standstill.

The newly-released data depicts a public that was, at best, only partially aware of the Government’s international travel policies.

Asked about their knowledge of red list countries, 29% said they knew of them, with 36% knowing ’a little’.

But 19% barely knew anything with 13% never having heard the phrase.

With hotel quarantine, 21% were completely unaware it existed and 24% had vaguely heard of its existence but ‘almost know nothing’. Only 22% had good knowledge of mandated quarantine rules, the survey found.

Even awareness of the UK’s international corridors was limited. A quarter had heard of them, but nothing more, while for 17% the travel corridor policy had completely past them by.

Only a fifth of people knew exactly what the corridors meant with 35% claiming they knew ‘a little’.

Participants were also asked about their understanding of pre-departure testing (PDT) and test to release (TTR).

It again exposed a failure to educate the public, with 23% and 46% respectively never having heard of them and 23% and 20% possessing virtually no information despite coming across the terms.

A paltry 12% has a good understanding of test to release rising to 18% for pre-departure testing.

When it came to the passenger locator form, 16% knew a lot, 17% a little, 20% had heard of the document but nothing else, while 44% had never heard of it.

The survey also revealed a public keen to stop Covid coming into the UK from overseas.

Nearly eight in 10 said everyone travelling internationally should be tested while 68% said they would only travel abroad in the summer of 2021 if they had refund and cancellation flexibility.

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