Jet2, TUI and Ryanair blasted for poor website accessibility

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By Neal Baldwin
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Jet2, TUI and Ryanair have been ranked bottom of the league when it comes to airline website accessibility.

In a study commissioned by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the trio were marked just 1/10 for accessibility and a meagre 2/10 on the ease of use score.

The Airline Digital Accessibility Report looked at the websites of the 11 largest airlines operating in the UK, scoring them on compliance with a set of standards relating to users with impairments to their vision, hearing and mobility (such as people who struggle to use a keyboard or mouse), and thinking and/or understanding (conditions such as autism, learning difficulties or brain injury).

A focus group of consumers then added feedback by attempting to make bookings.

CAA Head of Consumer Anna Bowles said: “Our skies should be accessible to everyone, and that journey often starts with a visit to an airline’s website.

“Today’s report highlights that there is still a way to go for the industry to provide a smooth digital experience for passengers, both on the technical front, but also in terms of ease-of-use.

“Airlines do consider accessibility on their digital platforms, but the report provides technical guidance and first-hand insight on how they can further prioritise this work and embrace digital inclusivity, so that nobody is left digitally excluded.”

The three airlines said they were committed to improving their websites for all customers.

British Airways came out on top of the carriers surveyed, scoring 9/10 for accessibility and  7/10 for ease of use.

The survey follows another CAA report, released in April, which found that many airlines were letting down disabled passengers when it came to toilet facilities, access of equipment such as wheelchairs and delays disembarking at the end of flights.

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