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By Linsey McNeill
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Several countries are now allowing British holidaymakers test-free access if they can prove they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Included are Croatia, Cyprus and Greece.

All of these countries have confirmed they will accept the UK Government-issued proof of vaccination.

So how do your clients prove they’ve had both doses of a recognised COVID vaccine?

How to get a vaccine passport

There are three ways your clients can get a vaccine passport, or what the UK Government is calling vaccine verification.

The easiest way is to download their vaccination certificate from the NHS website. They’ll need to log in first and upload some photo ID. The Government is advising them to do this at least two weeks before they travel. Then they should be able to view all of their vaccinations and download or print their certificates.

The second way is to use the NHS App.

The App, available free to download onto smartphones and tablets, includes details of all inoculations, including COVID-19.

The Government confirmed last Friday that the NHS App (not the NHS COVID App) is to be used by holidaymakers to prove their COVID status.

It already includes details of patients’ medical records once they’ve logged in and provided photographic ID and most users will immediately see their COVID inoculations too.

Clients should be advised to download the App once they’ve had both doses of the COVID vaccine and at least two weeks before they’re due to travel, although details of their inoculations should appear as soon as they register.

Some users might not have immediate access to their inoculations on the App, however. They might first need to register with their GP for online access to their medical records. If they’re having difficulty, they should contact their surgery to ask how to access their vaccinations on the App.

At the moment, the NHS App can only be used to verify a users’ vaccination status, but the Government says it is planning to add COVID test results soon.

What about holidaymakers without smartphones or computers?

Travellers without smartphones, and those with older models that don’t support the NHS App, will be issued with a paper certificate instead.

They can call the NHS helpline on 119 (not their GP) to request a letter stating they’ve been fully inoculated.

The Government says they must wait at least five days after they’ve had their second jab before calling 119.  The letter will take up to five days to arrive.

However, do note that the Government is warning that even fully vaccinated holidaymakers might need to take a negative COVID test for entry to some countries. You should always check entry rules both with the Foreign Office website and the government websites of the countries to be visited.

You can find further regularly updated guidance on entry requirements for the key holiday destinations here or click the image below.

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