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Kennedy Space Center Gateway
By Lisa James
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A brand-new visitor experience is preparing for launch at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Gateway, The Deep Space Launch Complex, which opens in March, will focus on the present and future of collaborative space exploration, enabling guests to experience the interstellar travel of tomorrow while celebrating what is happening right now within the space programme.

It will feature a showcase of NASA and commercial spacecraft hardware with immersive displays, as well as a ‘journey’ through space, unique launch viewing opportunities and more.

The multi-level attraction, under construction in the shadow of the Rocket Garden, will engage and inspire guests through experiences, artifacts and exhibits.

Through immersive education, atmospheric effects and a 4D motion theatre, guests will see, experience and feel what it is actually like to travel in space.

Visitors will get to see actual space flown artifacts and full-scale models, interactive touchscreen displays and a HoloTube presentation station where guests can learn about the high-powered James Webb Space Telescope by manipulating holographic imagery, video and animation through a touchscreen kiosk.

Nearby, guests will be transported into the future of space travel at Spaceport KSC, the first and only airport of the future; surrounded by the sights and sounds of a galactic spaceport.

Atmospheric airport chatter will surround travelers as they peer through windows at distant views of active launches and landings.

The main concourse features multiple screens that will showcase destination promo videos and departure and arrival information. Guests will then board their ‘spaceships’ – in the form of a two-story, 4D flying theatre– for one of four journeys: Cosmic Wonders, Daring Explorers, Red Planet or Uncharted Worlds.

Gateway’s rooftop will be used to view launches and landings, while a telescope and solar refractor will offer access to some of the sky’s most amazing celestial and solar wonders.

Find out more about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex here.

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