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By Lisa James
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Agents recently returned from the first fam trip to Disneyland Paris organised by Vertical Travel Group’s specialist tour operator Instant Breaks.

The operator is planning more trips for 2022, which is the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris.

Attendees were from VTG’s homeworking division, including Holiday Elite agent Paul Robson, who was on his first visit to Disneyland Paris.

He told Travel Gossip what he thought of the trip.  


I’ve had a few clients travel to Disneyland Paris but I have shied away from selling it because I didn’t really know much about it and the huge variety of options available.

First impressions

From start to finish everything ran so smoothly. We travelled by Eurostar and the train journey was so quick and simple. I never expected the station to be right at the park – a door-to-door service.

The shuttle transfers to the hotels are on a regular basis. In less than five minutes we were at our accommodation, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, with its brilliant Wild West theme.

Even with the current COVID measures, nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff who were on hand to help with any queries, questions even directions.


Walking through the gates of the Disneyland Paris park and seeing the faces of guests both young and old light up with happiness was truly amazing. It’s not just a holiday for kids, it’s most definitely for someone of any age.

Disneyland Paris

The Christmas parade was outstanding and so was the Lion King West End-style show. These were my highlights although everything was just cleverly thought out, well presented and organised.

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas at all but Disney changed all that for me. It was truly magical.

Food options

From anything like snacks and chocolate, burgers to full-on meals, the choice is endless and affordable. There are so many places to eat in the park, hotels and the expansive Disney village.

We ate in the a la carte restaurant at Disney’s Hotel New York, the new Marvel-themed hotel and what an amazing meal and restaurant is it. The hotel is superb.

Overall experience

What an absolutely amazing experience. It’s one I will treasure forever. It has really changed my views of Disneyland Paris. It really is a place to be seen to be believed.

Now I’ve seen it for myself and how magical it is, it’s time to sell, sell, sell.

Are you more confident about selling it now?

I’m now confident on where things are and what’s included. The app is amazing.  Now it’s my time to put it all into practice and get my Disney experience out there to my clients old and new.

I want them to experience the magic of Disneyland Paris for themselves.

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