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Last Updated: 2nd January 2017

The Travel Gossip Facebook group continues to grow each day, we love how it is so active and thank you for your continued support. Like any group this size, it is important that we set a few house rules and guidelines to help avoid any annoyances, upset or legal issues.

By being a member of the Travel Gossip Facebook Group, you agree to our website terms & conditions.

To save you reading the small print, here are the main rules for the group:

  1. Be respectful of other members:  Insults, personal attacks or mean comments will be not tolerated and may result in you being suspended or banned from the group.
  2. Post nicely: No swearing; rudeness, offensive language; no overlong rants full of CAPITALS!!
  3. Keep on-topic:  Please only post about travel industry related subjects. We will delete any non-travel posts.
  4. Keep it legal: Opinions are great but please avoid making comments that are false or could land you in trouble.  Please refrain from posting any private information such as customer details.  You are responsible for your own posts as per Facebook's terms & conditions, not Travel Gossip Ltd.
  5. Praise is welcome:  You are welcome to give praise to suppliers where praise is due
  6. Commercial promotion: Members are welcome to post any kind of post (advert, job, event, news) into the Group but only one post per fortnight, please.  If you are a supplier looking for more marketing oomph, please see our Premium Membership package.  Please ensure your posts are different each week; we reserve the right to remove any repetitive posts.
    Note: only one post per fortnight is allowed from the same company/consortium/association i.e. two people cannot promote the same organisation during the same fortnight.
  7. No Solicitation: Members should not use Travel Gossip to target other members to join their business, organisation or consortium, or use their services, or provide content e.g.  via private message.  Members CAN post public messages of a commercial nature (as per #6 above).
  8. Right to reply: company representatives are welcome to reply to comments left by members, whether those comments in response to positive or negative comments - or merely answering a question
  9. Final say: Travel Gossip Group administrators reserve the right to make the final decision as to what posts & comments are visible on the site.  We regularly moderate contributions that go against the letter or spirit of these rules or our Terms & Conditions. If we do remove something, we will generally remove the whole post, or where necessary, whole threads (not parts). We also reserve the right to suspend or ban you from the group at our sole discretion.
  10. Your Posts
    Travel Gossip is a private Facebook group, but a group of 1000's of people. So please keep this is mind when you are posting.  It’s not possible for someone to click ‘share’ your TG post, but it’s simple enough to screen print it.
  11. Press coverage
    Stories from Travel Gossip will often get picked up by the trade press and sometimes in the National press. We kindly ask that if journalists wish to cover a story originating from Travel Gossip, that they contact those they wish to quote and ask for permission first.

Please do take time to read our general website terms and conditions. Notifications of any changes and updates made to these terms will be published here.