FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Travel Facebook Group

Q: Is there a charge to join?
A: No, membership of the Group is free

Q: Can anyone join?
A: No, the group is only open to those people that work in the UK & Irish travel industry, work for companies that supplier services to the travel industry

Q: Is this group just for travel agents?
A: No, Travel Gossip is for everyone in travel, this includes experienced travel agents, brand new travel agents, tour operators, cabin crew, travel press, travel PR & representation, marketeers, recruiters and anyone who supplies products to the travel industry.

Q: I used to work in travel but I am now between travel jobs - can I still join?
A: Yes, we welcome travel people between jobs are welcome, please give extra details when you request to join on Facebook.

Q: I'm a retired travel person, can I join / stay in the group?
A: Yes we welcome retired people in Travel Gossip - their experience and guidance is very valuable.

Q: I'm based abroad but I work with the UK Travel Industry, can I join?
A: This depends and we decide on a case by case basis - please give extra info when you request to join.

Q: How do I join the group?
A: Simply request to join on the Facebook group and complete the 3 pre-entry questions

Q: How long does this all take?
A: We try to process everyone within 48 hours if you have answered all 3 questions.  We will not process anyone who has not answered any of the questions.

Q: I have invited someone to join via the Facebook Group, what now?
A: Thanks for spreading the word!  They will need to answer the 3 pre-entry questions

Q: What happens if I am not accepted onto the group?
A: We can only accept people based in the UK or Ireland, who work in travel or supply services to travel companies.  If you have not been accepted, it is probably because you do not appear to have met this criteria. If you think you should be allowed in the group then please request again and give more details about your circumstances. Due to time pressures, we are not able to alert you if you are not successful.

Q: I do work in travel, but I've not been added - why?
A: We suggest leaving it one week to be sure that we have had enough time to process everyone.  If you have not heard within a week, please contact us and we can look into it.

Using the Group

Q: I am not getting all the posts in my Facebook Newsfeed
A: Please click the 'Notifications' button at the top and choose All Posts

Q: Are they any do's and don'ts when posting in the Group?
A: Yes, by using the group you agree to abide by these Group rules

Q: Can I ask anything?
A: Yes, feel free to ask any question related to travel. But please also remember to use the search function to see if your question has been asked before OR use Google if possible. If a question bugs you, please roll you eyes and scroll on.

Q: Can members of the public see my posts?

A: No, the Facebook Group is "closed" and cannot be seen by those outside of the group. However, be aware that nothing is 100% secure online and people can still screenshot your posts.  Anyone caught doing this will be removed immediately.

Q: Can I post free advertising in the Group?
A: Yes, suppliers are allowed to post a once a fortnight.  Suppliers looking to get more exposure should consider our Premium Membership package which includes many exclusive benefits including additional Facebook exposure, Twitter promotion & web presence.  Please ensure your posts are different each week; we reserve the right to remove any repetitive posts.

Q: What about charities?  Can I post about my charity?

If you are going to be doing something like a run for a charity and are seeking donations then you are welcome to post into the group about it, but please do not overdo it.
If you are posting on behalf of a charity seeking general donations then we ask that the charity is somehow linked to the travel industry and that you keep posts to a minimum.
Travel Gossip's chosen charity is ABTA Lifeline.

Q: Can I reply to someone who is seeking information about or has made a comment about my company?
A: Yes, you are welcome to reply to people asking questions or commenting on something which directly relates to your company.

Q: Can I post about a travel agent event roadshow or fam trip for free?
A: Yes, you can post ONCE about your event, roadshow series or fam trip.

Q: Can I post about a job vacancy or ask for staff recommendations?
A: Yes, you can post ONCE about your job vacancy for free.  We also encourage you to add your job to our job board for free.

Q: What happens if someone is posting commercial posts too often?
A: Once we spot it, we will remove it.  It can sometimes take a while to notice.  We will also contact you to let you know why we removed it and request that you or your colleagues refrain from further unpaid adverts.  If you or your colleagues persist, we may be forced to remove you from the Group.

Q: I feel someone else's post has broken the Group rules, what should I do?
A: Please click the ... on the top right of the post and "Report to Admin" or contact us  and we will handle it.  We assure you complete discretion.