ABTA’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Seminar

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ABTA's Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Seminar
Event Organiser: ABTA

Date(s): 15/11/2019
Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Venue Address:
Hill Dickinson, The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street
United Kingdom

Event Website: link

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ABTA’s new seminar on Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace will help you explore the challenges facing workforces and the changes that travel businesses can make to raise awareness, improve the wellbeing of their employees and support better mental health. Learn how to safeguard staff wellbeing and support staff when issues do emerge. Understand how to support staff based remotely or who have to regularly travel and learn how to identify, prevent and reduce stress in the workplace.

The travel industry brings unique challenges for the mental wellbeing of staff, with dispersed workforces, shift work, unusual hours and frequent travel to contend with. Furthermore, staff working for travel companies can find themselves caught up in a range of crisis incidents abroad, negatively effecting their mental wellbeing and often requiring psychological support.